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The All-in-One Legal Operations Platform

Onit offers an end-to-end platform that caters to the evolving requirements of European corporate legal
departments. Our suite of tools is designed to enhance operational efficiency, achieve cost savings, foster
collaboration, and ultimately drive better outcomes for organisations.

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Improved Efficiency

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Enhanced Collaboration


Legal Spend Management

BusyLamp eBilling.Space allows Legal to centrally manage a team’s legal billing and spend, track outside counsel and legal vendor costs, automate invoice reviews, and streamline the vendor sourcing process — generating powerful insights that allow for enhanced strategic decision making.

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Matter Management

OnitX Matter Management streamlines complex tasks, automates routine processes, and supports the entire matter lifecycle. With its centralised, intuitive cloud-based platform, it enhances team efficiency by providing a shared view of matter activity, document management, reporting, and knowledge sharing.

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Contract Lifecycle Management

OnitX Contract Lifecycle Management is an AI-powered solution that covers the entire contract lifecycle – from capture and creation through negotiations and approvals to execution and management. With unlimited users, configurable features, and seamless integration with MS Word and email, it offers a user-friendly experience for streamlined workflows.

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